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Part Screening, Business Case & Qualification

Track material and post-processing selection in history

Updates performed to the AM part configuration are now tracked and displayed in the Part Details History section. Updates to the parts AM specification are recorded upon every change made, just like any other part property.

Configure used materials from the database

Platform administrators can now deactivate individual and entire groups of materials in order to hide them from the entire platform. Deactivated materials are not available to any user of the platform, neither for form properties nor the part configuration in the Production tab.

Request parts for quotation with pre-selected material

We’ve worked on a more intuitive request for quotation process from identified and selected AMPI parts. When you select technology and material in AMPI for a part, and these selections are available from a service, they will be automatically carried over during the order.

Instant Quoting of Prototypes

These updates are designed not only to decrease manual input and error potential but also to significantly accelerate the quoting and ordering process. Given a live connection to a supplier, part prototypes can now get quoted and ordered within seconds.

Digital Inventory Management

Enhanced IP Protection with 3D Viewer Restrictions in the User Panel

Prioritizing intellectual property protection, we've further fortified our platform by introducing an enhancement to the 3D viewer for Catalog parts within the User Panel (UP). Here's what has changed:

  • The 3D viewer can now be disabled to prevent potential extraction of 3D files, ensuring maximum IP protection.

  • Administrators can utilize a new setting in the Admin Panel (AP) to manage this behavior at the organizational level.

  • It's essential to note that this viewer restriction is intrinsically linked with the download restriction. Disabling the 3D viewer is permissible only if downloading is already restricted.

  • Existing customers who've deactivated the download restriction will retain their current settings, meaning the 3D viewer remains enabled if 3D file download isn't restricted.

By implementing these safeguards, we're ensuring an environment that respects and prioritizes the intellectual property rights of our platform providers and IP owners.

Disabled 3d viewer for Catalog parts protects IP

This is a continuation of functionality introduced in the previous version: https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1897201665/23.10+LTS#Enhanced-IP-protection%3A-Restriction-on-3D-file-downloads-from-Catalog-parts

See also our documentation: https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/212107302/Configuring+your+Organization#Catalog-Settings

Re-order Table Columns According to Personal Preference

We understand that every user has unique preferences and priorities when navigating our platform. To offer a more personalized and efficient experience, we're introducing the ability to re-order table columns via drag&drop across multiple sections of the platform. The following tables now have customizable column order:

User Panel and Service Panel

  • Request/Quote/Order tables

  • Projects

  • Catalog, list view


  • Catalog, list view

Other improvements

Showing Last Login Identifies Inactive Users

In our continued efforts to empower organization admins, we've added a "Last Login" column to the Users list in the Organization Panel. This feature allows admins to easily gauge the activity levels of users on the platform.

See https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/162988097/User+Management#Identifying-Inactive-Users

To empower admins with precise control over where specific links are displayed, we’ve introduced an improved visibility option for Organization Links. Here's what has changed:

  • Login Page Specificity: Admins can now set certain links to be visible on the "Login Page Only", ensuring targeted visibility without the confusion of additional placements.

  • Clarity on User Panel Links: Links set to “User Panel Only” will now exclusively appear in the User Panel, making the visibility setting more intuitive and straightforward.

  • Renaming for Clearer Understanding: The “All Panels” option has been renamed to “Everywhere”, more accurately reflecting that the link will be displayed across all panels, including the login page.

  • Preserving Current Settings: For a seamless transition, any links previously set to “User Panel Only” will remain visible in both the User Panel and the Login Page post-update.

With these enhancements, admins can more accurately determine and control where specific links are showcased, ensuring a cleaner and more tailored experience for users across the platform.

See also the documentation

Centralized Catalog Settings in the Admin Panel

We've grouped all Catalog related settings in the Admin Panel under Organizations into one new section Catalog Settings.


Bug fixes

  • [PLM] Fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of a status from the configured workflow.

  • [PLM] Fixed a bug that caused the menubar to expand whenever resizing the browser window.

  • [ERP] Fixed a bug that prevented certain catalog labels from being deleted.

  • [MES] Fixed a bug that can keep the part page from loading if it has a workflow assigned that has no statuses