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Part Screening, Business Case & Qualification

Customizable KPI cards

With our new version, we are offering ways to create custom KPI cards to be displayed on the AMPI part detail page. Custom KPI cards can be used to highlight the most important scoring results on the part detail page to quickly get an overview of the part's most vital assessment results.

CO2 Savings and Weighted Part Score configured as custom KPI cards based on custom scores

Further, the behavior of the Economics tab and KPI cards was changed, now allowing for the Econ tab to be hidden, without hiding the configured KPI cards.

Manual interaction required

The introduction of configurable KPI cards requires the reconfiguration of the previously existing Savings KPI cards. Our support team will perform the necessary steps to recreate the previously existing KPI cards.

For a detailed guide on how to configure custom KPI cards, see https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1881342011.

Digital Inventory Management

Streamlined Help Requests with Key Manager Order Customization

We've enhanced our system to better serve your help requests. Administrators can now customize the display order of Key Managers, ensuring that your inquiries are directed to the most suitable contact person right away. This update, available in the Admin Panel, optimizes the routing of help requests, leading to quicker and more efficient resolutions.

Previously, customers would contact the first Key Manager listed, which was not always the most suitable contact for their needs. Now, administrators can set the display order of Key Managers in the Admin Panel, providing them with more control over the customer support process.

For more information see https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/212107302/Configuring+your+Organization#User-Roles


Quality Management & Machine Connection

Efficient Rescheduling of Scrapped Jobs

We've enhanced our platform to provide a more intuitive job management experience. Now, MES operators can easily reschedule scrapped jobs, ensuring consistent data usage across jobs. When a job is scrapped, operators are prompted with the option to duplicate and reschedule the job, reducing the time spent on job setup.

In addition, we've updated our terminology to better reflect the actions performed. The job status "Rescheduled" is now "Recreated", and the "Reschedule Job" button for scrapped jobs is now "Duplicate and Schedule". For scheduled or unscheduled jobs, the "Reschedule" and "Schedule Job" buttons have been renamed to "Edit Schedule". These changes aim to provide a more accurate and intuitive user experience, making job management more efficient.

Platform documentation: https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/1059356793/Accessing+Job+Details#Rescheduling-a-Scrapped-Job

Other improvements

Enhanced Default Unit Configuration for New Users

We've upgraded our platform to provide better consistency in 3D file uploads. Now, organization admins can set a default 3D file unit (MM or INCH) for new users, ensuring all files are uploaded in the organization's preferred unit. This feature reduces potential discrepancies and the need for conversion caused by regional unit preferences.

The default upload unit is determined by the unit set in a user’s profile

The default unit is determined by a combination of Helm Chart configurations and Admin Panel settings. If 'Auto-detect' is selected, the system will set the unit based on the user's IP address or the Default Country Server Setting, depending on your setup. Alternatively, admins can manually set the default unit to MM or INCH.

Existing users' unit settings remain unchanged, and users can still manually adjust their profile unit. This update enhances the consistency of file uploads across the platform, leading to smoother collaboration and fewer conversion errors.

For more details, see https://3yourmind.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PD/pages/212107302/Configuring+your+Organization#Configuring-Default-Unit-for-New-Users

Bug fixes

  • [PLM] We fixed a bug that caused an estimated lead time saving of one day to render as +1 instead of -1.

  • [PLM] Fixed an issue that caused the CSV import to ignore the Rejected status of parts.

  • [PLM] We fixed a bug causing inconsistencies between the configured AMPI and user profile currency.

  • [MES] Fixed an issue where the 'Parts Available' section in the job creation wizard incorrectly displayed parts with no unscheduled sequences; the system now accurately lists only those parts that are truly available for scheduling.

  • [MES] Addressed an issue in the job creation wizard where sequences that shouldn't be available for scheduling were listed under 'Parts Available'. The system has been refined to ensure only valid parts are shown, and a comprehensive validation process has been implemented.

  • [MES] Fixed an issue where it was impossible to modify a job after splitting a sequence inside of it. The system now allows successful modification of the job even after reducing the quantity of a sequence, which previously resulted in an unsuccessful operation without any error notification.

  • [MES] Addressed an issue where the bulk update feature failed to promote all parts to the last step when multiple orders were selected. The system now correctly displays the checkbox and allows sequences to be moved to the last step during bulk updates.