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Part Screening, Business Case & Qualification

Additional Part Properties

With the update to the 24.3 version we added a few additional standard properties to our stack of part properties:

Specification of a Parts Requirements

Properties to be used to specify a parts technical requirements, such as Tolerance Classes (following ISO-2768), Flame Retardancy Classes and specific mechanical requirements for a parts Strength. Properties needed and in the future used to suggest a suitable replacement material for additive manufacturing.

  • General Tolerances for Dimensions (ISO 2768-1) (*)

  • Geometrical Tolerances for Features (ISO 2768-2) (*)

  • Flame Retardancy

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 09.51.45.png
Properties allowing the selection of a parts required Tolerance and Flame Retardancy Class


  • Minimum Tensile Strength

  • Minimum Tensile Modulus

  • Minimum Flexural Strength

  • Minimum Yield Strength

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 09.50.50.png
Properties allowing the specification of parts specific mechanical requirements


Specification of Distinct Features

Properties to be used to specify a parts distinct features, such as Holes and Threads to drill or cut and number of Inserts to add. Enabling the deduction of required post-processings and further improvement of post-processing cost estimation. We standardised these properties, which were previously only existing as custom implementations. Now making them available to all platforms as default and removing the need for custom scripts.

  • Number of Holes (*), Insert and Threads (*)


Part Documentation

Properties to be used for further part documentation, offering specification of the Next Assembly it is part of, or overall product the part is Used On.

  • Next Assembly (*)

  • Used On


(*) Automatically extracted and stored from Technical Drawings soon

Score Access to AM Part Configuration properties

We have enabled our scoring scripts to access the properties of Technology, Post-processings and replacement Material chosen in the Production tab of the Qualification stage.

Scores can now access all of the substitute materials mechanical and basic properties, in order to subsequently enable calculation of further KPIs such as Weight Reduction.

Removal of Downtime Savings

We have removed the row showcasing a parts Downtime Savings from our default Savings Report.

Other improvements

Support for Polish language

We’ve added Polish to our list of supported languages. Users can now select Polish as their profile language and browse the entire application in Polish.

Serdecznie witamy wszystkich naszych użytkowników mówiących po polsku!

For a list of all our supported languages see: